IBM Summit Program Experience – 7 – Recruiting at Universities

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Spent the weekend at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University as part of the IBM Sponsor for the QBET Conference.
Last year I competed in the competition component, this year a judge!

It’s nice to go full circle. It happens at all stages of our lives. Babies grow up to be babysitters. Students become teachers. Children become parents. Sports players become coaches. Mentees become mentors. The guy competing in the case competition joins the company, rewrites the case instructions so it’s easier to cut, then comes back next year to judge it. Full circle ⭕.

You don’t always have to go and complete the loop – but it’s rewarding and a bit surreal when you do.

Had a good time watching students put together their best presentations, and was well taken care of by the team – ☕ Madeline Jackson & 📷 Jacob Wolfe!


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