Starting My New Job at Unstoppable Domains

I’ve started my new role in Partnerships at Unstoppable Domains with an industry focus on Blockchain Gaming!! ⭐💎🙌

Working here has been super fun as I’ve been able to combine my passions in gaming, blockchain, and relationship building.

👨 Me: Hey it’s great to meet you, wanted to let you know I’m level 97 in your game, and I’m also staking your coin
🤝 Partner: No way, that’s awesome! 😊

Unstoppable Domains was founded in 2018, backed by Draper Associates & Coinbase Ventures. We now have over 150 employees across the world, working 100% remote and were recently recognized as a Top 10 American Startup Employers by Forbes 🔥

It is a new adventure for me to join a small company as I have only worked for multinational post-IPO companies in the past.

I actually did not know about the company until I came across it on AngelList but had an elevated opinion of the unique business model and rocketship growth 🚀 as I learned from the interview process with Bojidar Lazov, PHRPavel Rodl, and Bradley Kam.

Inspiring others has always been a guiding mission throughout my career and the opportunity to work under the leadership of Sandy Carter, a tenured senior executive who has done that for decades, gives a feeling strong alignment. 🙏


Next post will be on what our company does!

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