IBM Summit Program Experience – 5 – Top Gun Systems & Platform

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Top Gun Award! ✅Ranked within Top 10% of scores in the final written examinations. The focus of this 5-day boot camp is 50% product training, 50% career education… and 100% free food at the hotel buffet!

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• Offerings we covered: Hardware (Data Processing, Data Storage), Cloud, Managed Services, Analytics, Business Automation, Blockchain, Financing Deals, Compliance, etc. 🎯
• Career topics we covered: Focus on putting your client first in building a long term business relationship – and your quota will take care of itself, how technical sales and salespeople support each other, managing your visibility as part of career advancement, and a day-in-the-life of an IBM NA Executive.

Always exceeding expectations with delightful surprises ; like a birthday cake being brought out for one of our classmates in the middle of the week, and a video from the class manager’s 8-year old daughter wishing us a great trip.

Looking into this crystal ball (cube), I foresee myself applying to come back as a speaker next year 🔮.

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The IBM Summit Program

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