Shout from Mustafa Qalbani Who Landed a Job as an AE May 2022

I am excited to announce I am graduating from Toronto Metropolitan University and have landed a technology sales job at Veeam Software Canada!

It has been a very exciting time as I continue my journey of self growth, working hard over the past 4 years to transition from university to the workforce 🙏

At Veeam, I will be taking on an Account Manager role on the SMB Ontario Team starting this May!

I would like to give a special thank you to Ryan Ing, he is an amazing mentor, friend and has been able to guide me through the process of kicking off a career in tech sales!

Excited to join the Veeam “Dream Team” with Damian Serjeant (Also a BTM alumni!!) along with Maria CondilisRyan Narinesingh & the rest of the team. Thankful for my supportive family and friends who have continued to support me! 

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Anyone Hiring Entry Level Software Role?

Do you know anyone hiring Entry Level Software Sales roles? I have been coaching a final year business student, Mustafa Qalbani – and he has shown incredible promise in pursuing a career in B2B sales.

As an undergrad, he has already:
– ⭐ Worked full sales cycle, selling POS to retail businesses, closing $70k of revenue.
– 📞 Experience making 100 dials a day,
– 🛠️ Already knows how to use Salesforce and Gong
– Personable, easy to talk to
– Great attitude towards receiving feedback and mentorship (I’m speaking from experience working with him)

I have been coaching him over the last month and all I have to say is that he has more sales experience than I did, when I graduated!

Top sales talent is hard to find, but hopefully this post makes it easier for recruiters searching.

👉 Please feel free to book a time with him, in his calendly link in the comments. You can also reach out to me for any questions or tag people in the post below.

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