IBM Summit Program Experience – 11 – IBM ECF Video 2019

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Giving back to your community is a great feeling with many aspects to feel proud about 🤗
👉 Everyone has their own favorite part — what’s yours?

🎬Amazing to have a production team to help out on this project, as most of my previous have been solo acts.
👏Thank you to all the volunteers, coordinators, and all those involved in the IBM Community:
Carolyn MurphyAnna DreyzinBridget King, CHRPKrista ShibataRalph ChapmanEllen KoutsikosKarel VredenburgShalise Goffe, CPDSShola AgoroFarza (Farzaneh) GhodsTanya Liblik, CHRL, PMP, CIDDVira Badiani, BSc, GCIB, MSc, CPDSDave Robitaille, Erica Carnovale, Caroline FinlayAndrew SafrankoHelen MitresBirgit Siegel AllisonCamille Chandra
👨🎥: David Lindermere

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As we move into the Holiday season, keep up that charitable spirit! 🎁


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