Recruitment in Multi-Level Marketing Companies


*Begin story*

“Hey Ryan do you want to meet up for a coffee?”


Ryan enters the coffee shop with the individual expecting to just chat.

Individual is very polite and a pleasure to talk with.

Individual begins telling story about how they worked a difficult job they didn’t like and weren’t making enough money.

Individual begins to explain how company X changed their life and allowed them to reach financial freedom through “passive income” or an “unfranchise business model”.

Individual begins to explain how I’m an excellent candidate for the program.

Individual takes out their phone and says “Hey I’m going to call my manager so he can tell you all about it”. Then passes the phone to me so I can hear another spiel.

Ryan explains he’s not really interested.

Individual spends the next few sentences asking why in attempt to overcome objections, and to “just give it a try”, or to “help out a friend”.

If individual is really sneaky, they will tell Ryan that ” I already reserved a ticket at an upcoming information session, so you must come”.

*End story*

I’m sure that this has happened to you in the past – no worries, it happens to all of us. Most people I share this story with have one to share back.

Now the fallacy here is that they’re not necessarily lying about anything or doing anything wrong in their own eyes. I respect that they have good intentions.

What is wrong here is that they called me for a coffee “just to chat” when really the purpose of the meeting was to try and recruit me. I cannot respect that. That is approaching a meeting with ulterior motives. I think you should be honest from the get-go about why you are meeting someone.

It’s a truly rotten feeling to have an old acquaintance reach out to you to “hang out and catch up” only to figure out they wanted to recruit you to something. The error is not in the action. Offering someone a job opportunity is definitely not a bad thing. The error is in the dishonesty.

“Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues”.

The thing is that this has happened to me three times! I’m somewhat of a magnet for these MLM recruiters.

People tell me that “If someone is being really nice to you, they usually want something for you.” Fundamentally and philosophically I don’t think people should treat each other that way. I’m strongly against that. I think that we should show selfless love and kindness to each other just for the sake of maximizing the amount of happiness in this world.

How do you feel about Multi-Level Marketing Companies?

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