Door To Door – Day 1: The Most Emotionally Demoralizing Day of Work Ever

Have you ever worked a job where you felt so emotionally bombed that you were afraid of showing up at work the next day?

Have you ever had a rejection so visceral that you sat on the curb for 90 minutes demoralized, contemplating your life? You ask yourself “why am I doing this job?”. A voice of self-doubt whispers “maybe this job is not for me. I just wasn’t made for this. I don’t think I can go on any further.”

That was my first day of work.

Its been a long time since I worked a job this challenging. It oddly brings out my deepest fears forcing me to muster up the courage to attack them face on. I felt terrible this afternoon.

Yet, I’m grateful for being self aware enough to identify these emotions to share them with you on paper, stoically. Let me elaborate.

On paper, my first day knocking on doors was nothing short of stellar. With crystal clear communication skills, a well rehearsed script, and a friendly smile, I was able to get in a house within my first 20 minutes of knocking. I sat down and gave the product presentation. He wasn’t interested, but it was a milestone in itself.

These mere four hours of work were a crazy ride. My manager smiled in hearing his training had been effective, an uphill ascent of progression: getting in a home on the first day of work.

Though after half an hour of continuously no’s I suppose I went off course, sliding down a downhill spiral of self hate, crashing into the pavement. (I was left sitting on the curb with my forehead in my palms for 90 minutes.) As for sharing this news, my manager let me know that such emotional roller coasters are common on the first few days of work. He warmly welcomed me to call him if it ever happens again for a pep talk to bring me back on my feet (quite literally, I suppose). Additionally, my other colleagues gave me tips on reworking our mindsets to become more resilient against the emotional blows that continuous rejections can have on our self-esteems.

So on my first day I’ve already identified an area of improvement. My skillset is above average but my mindset and attitudes are still lacking. My skin is being forced by its environment to evolve into a thicker version of itself.



Cool Doors of the Day: Today we knocked on a door and the woman said she was amazed we knocked on her door because it was just what she needed. My colleague landed a sale within an hour.

On the other hand, I knocked on a door and an elderly man slowly crept out. I introduced myself and in a frail voice he told me his wife is dying of terminal cancer and his son just died. I respectfully nodded my head, wished him the best, and walked away with a breathe of compassion. You really never know who’s going to be on the other side of that door.


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