Featured on the Queens Sales Initiative Panel February 2021

Speaker Panel Questions I was asked:

1. What did your journey from school into sales look like? 
2. How did you get involved with your company? What did the application process look like?
3. Was their a particular moment or experience that led you to realizing that sales was the path you wanted to pursue?
4. What does the sales cycle look like at IBM and Microsoft?
5. Are there any specific strategies you use to stay engaged with prospects or clients given the work from home environment?
6. What do you think are the most important skills for success are in your role?
7. What does your day-to-day look like at your prospective company? 
8. Being tech focused, where do you see your role heading in the next 5-10 years? 
9. How do you see the sales role shifting in the age of technology? 
10. Concerning professional designations/credentials, are there any sales specific one’s that you would recommend? If so, how helpful would they be in advancing someone’s career?
11. Is there a specific moment that has been the highlight of your career?

How I got Involved:

“Cracking The Sales Case Interview” with Ryan Ing & Simrah Ali March 2020

On March 2021, I was called by the Ryerson Sales Initiative back for a second year to lead a workshop on sales skills. We had 25 students attend, and we ran for 2 hours.

The first thing we taught was why the sales case was important:

Our Two Sales Cases were RElated to:

IBM – Pitching an AI Chatbot to Rogers Canada

Shopify – Pitching a Shopify POS solution to a retail store

The two winners of the workshop were:

Anas Abdul and Adam Rose

They won $25 Uber Eats giftcards and referral for the TRUST program

For anyone looking for a highly interactive sales workshop where students walk away with tangible skills/practice. Feel free to email me and we can discuss.

Recording of this workshop is available upon request.

IBM Summit Program Experience – 12 – Farewell IBM!

Link to video: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ryaning_ibm-careers-future-activity-6775445879689244672-1RIm

Today marks my last week at IBM.
It has been an incredible journey over the last 3 years.
This video captures some of the highlights! Have a listen!

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work for such a great organization and to be surrounded by amazing people 😊

My heart is filled with such great memories, from how I felt when I first received my dream internship, to graduating from Global Sales School, to being in charge of a full sales territory, and to all of the awesome people I have been able to work with 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

I also hold dear in my heart all of the opportunities provided for me to make an impact on people, including the Summit Program, Employee’s Charitable Fund, EANG, and Blue Core Coaching 🙏

Sharing my story and empowering others around me, are two personal values that I discovered and let flourish during my time at IBM. These are two things I will continue doing for the rest of my career 👏

I’m taking a couple weeks off before starting the next journey, stay tuned 👋!


Hosting the IBM Canada Lunar New Year Celebration Feb 2021

Last Friday my team hosted the IBM Canada Lunar New Year Celebration and I was selected to host the show 🎤! With our team effort we brought out 100 attendees from all across North and South America for an hour long show of fun and education!

Whenever I’m on brought on as an organizer, I always try innovate, by giving the audience something completely new. So we decided on hiring a virtual comedian 💡! DK Phan recounted stories of cultural mishaps, asian parents with high academic expectations, and life as a former kung-fu instructor😂! We had the audience laughing out of their seats and yes – we triple checked to ensure this all fit within our diversity guidelines.

One thing that I was surprised with was the amount of IBMers of non-asian backgrounds who attended but who were eager to learn and relate to the festivities. One attendee pointed out that during Diwali, they have the same tradition of “cleaning out the house” for the New Year.

Lisa Marie Chen helped the audience to find their Chinese Zodiac!

👉 Any IBMers interested in attending future events or volunteering with EANG, please message Caroline Yang, CHRL, CCP!

👉 DK Phan is also open to future comedy gigs! DM me or him for info!

Quote from DK Phan

“Ryan Ing is incredibly organized and ran a terrific show for the IBM Lunar New Year show.  He was an amazing host and facilitator, setting me up for success by priming the crowd for a comedy show and bringing me up just as if he were a professional comedy club MC himself.  He was also very thorough leading up to the event in terms of making sure that everything would work from a technical standpoint and providing me with all of the tools necessary to put on a great show.”

Featured on Speaker Panel hosted by Palette Inc SalesCamp Oct 2020

Today I spoke on a panel hosted by Jenn Cutajar and Daniel Beliciu, M.Ed as part of the Palette Inc. SalesCamp, to share insights on getting a job in sales.

One audience member asked a question that initially stumped me 🤔 “How do I get a job at IBM if I don’t have tech sales experience?”

Normally I would say, that’s not big of a deal, so long as you are prepared and knowledgeable you can enter through the new grad or MBA program. But he didn’t qualify for either of those as he already had many years of work experience and they were not in the tech industry.

So the solution I was proposed was:

👉 First, go get experience at a client, competitor, or partner. They may be lesser-known or less competitive to get into, but the quality of work and skill attainment will be just as valuable. This way you can gain the industry insight you want, and your career journey will be very relevant to the recruiter.

A simpler example would be if you want to get a job at a Tesla dealership, go prove yourself by working at a Toyota dealership and re-apply.

Think two steps ahead!



Ted Rogers Influencer Series – August 27th, 2020 6pm-7pm

I am speaking this Thursday 6pm to Ryerson Students. Sharing the stage with another TRSM Alumni Marco Baltazar 🔥🏆!!

The purpose of this event is inspiration/motivation to lift the spirits of any student on their career journey, especially during these difficult times! Event is a brief 60 minutes long, and you will be able to ask questions.


👉 If you are a Ryerson student/alumni, please feel free to register, link in comments.

#speaker #TRSM

Overall, the event went great and I experimented on ways to make it more engaging – I screenshared even if for only 30 seconds to make a point. I also brought a couple of props in. I physically showed the books I was recommending by pulling them off my bookshelf.

Audience: 30 people live at the event.

Event Timeline & Internal Planning

Supercharging Your LinkedIn Profile Workshop – Ryan Ing and Nick Nguyen August 12th 2020

Today I hosted a LinkedIn webinar with Nick Nguyen and 60 live attendees. My first time doing a 100% online workshop like this. Here’s what surprised me:

– MORE people engaged with me in the online version, than when I did it in-person. People are less shy to write in the text box or DM you, as opposed to putting up their hand or walking up to you in a classroom.

– People really loved the poll 📊 feature. Definitely incorporate these into your webinars. It’s like when a teacher asks you to “raise your hand if you agree…” in a classroom. People are conditioned to respond and feel good participating.

I guess that online workshops can sometimes be superior to in-person versions 🤷‍♂️. Especially if you’re teaching a digital skill where screen-sharing is more efficient.

The result? Check out some of my our role model profiles below:
– Aymen Saqib + Jamie La

Definitely beat my profile from when I was in 2nd year!

Thanks Brad Wells, Harsimran Walia, and the Ted Rogers School of Management for hosting me!

Feedback From The Workshop (public)

Feedback From The Workshop (Anonymous survey we sent out)

If you are interested in having us come in for a workshop (we specialize in business students), feel free to reach out!

“Cracking The Sales Case Workshop” with Ryan Ing & Taz Ishraque Feb 2020

On February 2020 I volunteered to lead a workshop to help students prepare for a sales competition. Here was my opening line:

“This workshop will be different from others in three ways.

1. There will be no powerpoint.

2. I want to get to know all of you as much as you will all get to know me.

3. We will be doing live roleplaying. You will learn by doing!”

Following that, I let every student speak to briefly introduce themselves and explain their WHY. Then, I roleplayed live a mock sales call with my partner Taz and prompted students to explain their observations.

After that, I handed out a sales case where students take the role of an IBM Seller selling a data analytics solution to a call center.

Lastly, students broke off into groups to practice, and for the one brave soul, he presented in front of the class!

Here was his recap of the experience:

Here is what another student, Xhona had to say:

Here is what the organizer had to say about working with me:

For anyone looking for a highly interactive sales workshop where students walk away with tangible skills/practice. Feel free to email me and we can discuss.