Door To Door – Day 5: Rebuilding Myself with Small Wins and Zorro Circles.

My first day of work was tough. Real tough.

The downside to such a demoralizing day of work is that it deals a sharp blow to your self-esteem, and makes you question your capabilities. You feel like you want to quit and go home.

The upside is that it forces you to re-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. In today’s training, my manager told us quite frankly:

“This job shows you if you are weak or strong. You will know very quickly.”

I’d certainly say he’s right. Within two hours of working the job, I did feel weak. But, we know that necessity is the best motivator. I must necessarily get better at what I do if I want to stop having negative experiences with customers.

So I’ve created a system for myself to help track my progress:

I record the results of every door I knock on.


If you’re curious, “NI” means not interested. “NQ” means not qualified.

Here’s how it turned out:

Day 2: Knocked on 20 doors.

Day 3: Knocked on 40 doors. Landed 2 in-home presentations.

Day 4: Knocked on 50 doors.

Day 5: Knocked on 15 doors. Landed 4 in-home presentations. My personal record!

Sure, I haven’t landed a single sale yet. But I have numbers to prove to myself that I’m getting better at what I do. This is what keeps me going and keeps me from going insane.

A coworker explained the concept of Zorro Circles to help me with this. The following story is from the movie The Mask of Zorro:

When Zorro first started out he had no focus and no control. He wanted to do too much, too quickly. His training began with the drawing of a single circle in the sand. Don Diego told Zorro that his entire world now existed within this circle, and he had to master what was inside of it before he could move on to the next circle. Through time and dedication, Zorro mastered circle by circle. As he learned how to command his emotions and began to understand and utilise his skills, he eventually had the ability to accomplish his goal. (His goal in this case being to take on the army. No big deal.)

Source: Geckoboard

So for the meantime –  I’ll be like Zorro. Just focused on the small circles around me that I can control and master.

Door To Door – Day 1: The Most Emotionally Demoralizing Day of Work Ever

Have you ever worked a job where you felt so emotionally bombed that you were afraid of showing up at work the next day?

Have you ever had a rejection so visceral that you sat on the curb for 90 minutes demoralized, contemplating your life? You ask yourself “why am I doing this job?”. A voice of self-doubt whispers “maybe this job is not for me. I just wasn’t made for this. I don’t think I can go on any further.”

That was my first day of work.

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My Graduation Goal

In my first year at university, I had set a clear goal for myself. To get into the co-op program, get 20 months of work experience, graduate, enter the workforce, and land the highest paying job possible.


(Yes, that post was actually three years ago!)

From that, I set benchmarks. I met with graduating co-ops and politely asked what their starting salaries were. I heard numbers around 50k, then 55k, and even 62k. The last number was the target I set to surpass.

That number served as a goal because I’m the type of guy who always needs some type of goal to give myself a sense of direction. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

I was fixated on this high-salary goal… until last week when my career counselor Juliana shared a piece of wisdom. Continue reading “My Graduation Goal”

Legal Training For Door-To-Door Salespeople

As part of our training I’m learning some of the laws around working with door-to-door salespeople.

  • If you knock on a door that has a no-solicitation sign, that is considering trespassing.


  • Door-to-door salespeople have to be licensed by the province. They must show their license upon request. Usually they are wearing an ID card around their neck.
  • If you tell a salesperson to leave – they must leave your property immediately.
  • All contracts have a 10 day full-refund policy by law. Therefore, no one is really obliged to ‘make a decision on the spot’.
  • We are not allowed to use the term “free”

Fine Structure of other stuff we are not allowed to do.



Door To Door – Day 0 “Opportunity is Knocking At The Door”

Capture2Over the past two months I’ve vigorously been searching for an internship in tech sales. Coffees, informational interviews, office tours, cold emails on LinkedIn, networking nights, touring other universities.. You name it!

Last week there was a recruiter from a smart home technology company tabling in TRSM. I gave him a strong handshake and told him my story. Within 36 hours I was interviewed and heard the magic words “Welcome to the team.” Continue reading “Door To Door – Day 0 “Opportunity is Knocking At The Door””