Featured on University of Texas Austin Alpha Kappa Psi Panel by Tech Pod March 2021

I was the speaker moderator on this live event.

We had 100 atteendees.


The feedback we received:

Photos of the Google Slides we used:

Google Slides available here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oV3W4pAnGFvYv7KyT8I4t4OUoGdl3H2Src-G_rzRv2U/edit?usp=sharing

What I would improve on next time as a moderator:

> Help the audience ask better questions by giving them general topics. (Preventing the audience from asking dumb questions.. happens often)

> Help the moderators bond with each other by pointing out similarities between each other, so they can laugh and joke with each other. (Preventing the moderators from only talking when I ask them a question… can get dull)

Hosting the IBM Canada Lunar New Year Celebration Feb 2021

Last Friday my team hosted the IBM Canada Lunar New Year Celebration and I was selected to host the show 🎤! With our team effort we brought out 100 attendees from all across North and South America for an hour long show of fun and education!

Whenever I’m on brought on as an organizer, I always try innovate, by giving the audience something completely new. So we decided on hiring a virtual comedian 💡! DK Phan recounted stories of cultural mishaps, asian parents with high academic expectations, and life as a former kung-fu instructor😂! We had the audience laughing out of their seats and yes – we triple checked to ensure this all fit within our diversity guidelines.

One thing that I was surprised with was the amount of IBMers of non-asian backgrounds who attended but who were eager to learn and relate to the festivities. One attendee pointed out that during Diwali, they have the same tradition of “cleaning out the house” for the New Year.

Lisa Marie Chen helped the audience to find their Chinese Zodiac!

👉 Any IBMers interested in attending future events or volunteering with EANG, please message Caroline Yang, CHRL, CCP!

👉 DK Phan is also open to future comedy gigs! DM me or him for info!

Ryan Ing – Professional Speaker Moderator

If you are reading this page, you are likely an Event Organizer hosting a Speaker Panel event and are curious – how can I make my event be amazing for the attendees?

How can I make the presentation engaging enough so that attendees don’t lose interest after 15 minutes?

How can I create an event that people will speak highly about to their friends, and want to attend again in the future?

Average ModeratorRyan – The “Talk show Host Experience”
Allows the panelists to self-introduce themselvesHosts a pre-interview with the panelists prior to the event to get to know them, then gives a highly compelling introduction at the event
Asks the same question to each moderatorAsks different, tailored questions, to each panelist
Sticks to “safe” topicsAsks “controversial” questions in a graceful way, revealing the intimate facts that the audience really wants to hear
Allows panelists to finish their answers, even if they know its boring for the audienceI will cut off a panelist from speaking in the most polite way possible, if I feel they are talking for too long
Sticks to asking open-ended questions e.g. “What is the biggest lesson in your career?”Uses both open-ended and close-ended questions.

As an example, look at reporter Steve Paikin, one of Canada’s best journalist and interviewer. He always asks the most DIFFICULT questions

My Process

– I talk with you (the organizer) to understand

– I book a 1:1 with each of the panelists to get to know their story.

How You Benefit

– You

Why should I choose Ryan as opposed to someone else?

– I have spoken on 12 panels and attended over 24.

The cost

– Nothing! I do this for free.

Well let’s first break down the pieces of a Speaker Panel Event.

You have four people with competing interests.



Panelists – Want to make themselves good without bragging. Want to

Audience – Want to be entertained, educated, inspired, and want to network with everyone above.

Completing the Blue Core Coaching Program

Ryan co-facilitated a 8 week coaching program which included 5 facilitated online sessions with just over 20 learners. Ryan was exceptional in his communication skills in facilitating learning conversations that kept the team engaged and curious. He was pro-active throughout the entire process, taking initiative to reach out, set the tone with the team and insure that the two of us were on the same page as we created this experience for the team. During the online sessions he brought relative points to the discussion and was supportive of each individuals learning experience.

Julie Foxcroft, Certified Coach

How A Tech Sales Team Is Organized

Are you interviewing for a tech sales role and not sure where you fit?

In this article you will learn how a sales team is organized, that way if you are interviewing at a company, you will know exactly what role you fit into and you can ask way more educated questions to the interviewer.

Salesforce.com is the company that pioneered this organizational structure, as published in this book.

SDR: Sales Development Rep – Inbound leads. Inbound calls, live chat on the website, download ebook, etc. KPI: Number of leads qualified.

BDR: Business Development Rep – Outbound prospecting – “40 dials a day”, cold emailing, LI sales navigator, tools like SalesLoft. KPI: # of calls. # of connects (how many pick up the phone). # meetings of booked.

AE: Account Executive – Closing. – Pitching, demoing, qualifying, objection handling, pricing. KPI: # of deals closed. # deal size / revenue.

CSM: Customer Success Manager – Ensuring the customer is happy with the product. KPI: # customer satisfaction (csat), # retention rate, #upsells cross-sells

Sales Engineer / Tech Sales – Help AE’s close deals by providing technical expertise. “Product experts” KPI: Usually salary, or maybe 80% base salary

KPI means Key Performance Metric, which is the main measurement of the person in that job. Think of batting averages in baseball or field goal percentage in basketball.

So here’s how the sales process happens. An SDR receives a call from a customer who is interested in buying, or a BDR makes a cold call and finds an interested customer. The SDR or BDR books a meeting with the AE. The AE shows up to meeting and assesses needs, makes the pitch, talks pricing, handles objections and goes for the close. The Sales Engineer also supports the AE during the meeting to answer technical questions.

For shorter sales cycle, the AE may have 1-2 meetings. For longer sales cycles, they may have up to 10 meetings. Once the customer has bought the product, the CSM takes over to make sure the implementation goes smoothly, and ensures customer satisfaction so that they renew when the contract ends.

If you want to learn more in-depth about this, you can buy the ebook Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross. It’s an easy 90 minute read that gets right to the point about the above, but in more detail.

Featured on Speaker Panel hosted by Palette Inc SalesCamp Oct 2020

Today I spoke on a panel hosted by Jenn Cutajar and Daniel Beliciu, M.Ed as part of the Palette Inc. SalesCamp, to share insights on getting a job in sales.

One audience member asked a question that initially stumped me 🤔 “How do I get a job at IBM if I don’t have tech sales experience?”

Normally I would say, that’s not big of a deal, so long as you are prepared and knowledgeable you can enter through the new grad or MBA program. But he didn’t qualify for either of those as he already had many years of work experience and they were not in the tech industry.

So the solution I was proposed was:

👉 First, go get experience at a client, competitor, or partner. They may be lesser-known or less competitive to get into, but the quality of work and skill attainment will be just as valuable. This way you can gain the industry insight you want, and your career journey will be very relevant to the recruiter.

A simpler example would be if you want to get a job at a Tesla dealership, go prove yourself by working at a Toyota dealership and re-apply.

Think two steps ahead!



Ted Rogers Influencer Series – August 27th, 2020 6pm-7pm

I am speaking this Thursday 6pm to Ryerson Students. Sharing the stage with another TRSM Alumni Marco Baltazar 🔥🏆!!

The purpose of this event is inspiration/motivation to lift the spirits of any student on their career journey, especially during these difficult times! Event is a brief 60 minutes long, and you will be able to ask questions.


👉 If you are a Ryerson student/alumni, please feel free to register, link in comments.

#speaker #TRSM

Overall, the event went great and I experimented on ways to make it more engaging – I screenshared even if for only 30 seconds to make a point. I also brought a couple of props in. I physically showed the books I was recommending by pulling them off my bookshelf.

Audience: 30 people live at the event.

Event Timeline & Internal Planning

Supercharging Your LinkedIn Profile Workshop – Ryan Ing and Nick Nguyen August 12th 2020

Today I hosted a LinkedIn webinar with Nick Nguyen and 60 live attendees. My first time doing a 100% online workshop like this. Here’s what surprised me:

– MORE people engaged with me in the online version, than when I did it in-person. People are less shy to write in the text box or DM you, as opposed to putting up their hand or walking up to you in a classroom.

– People really loved the poll 📊 feature. Definitely incorporate these into your webinars. It’s like when a teacher asks you to “raise your hand if you agree…” in a classroom. People are conditioned to respond and feel good participating.

I guess that online workshops can sometimes be superior to in-person versions 🤷‍♂️. Especially if you’re teaching a digital skill where screen-sharing is more efficient.

The result? Check out some of my our role model profiles below:
– Aymen Saqib + Jamie La

Definitely beat my profile from when I was in 2nd year!

Thanks Brad Wells, Harsimran Walia, and the Ted Rogers School of Management for hosting me!

Feedback From The Workshop (public)

Feedback From The Workshop (Anonymous survey we sent out)

If you are interested in having us come in for a workshop (we specialize in business students), feel free to reach out!