Relocating from Toronto to New York City to Work for a Web 3 Startup

I am excited to announce I am moving to New York City to join a startup in the Web 3 industry on April 1st! ⭐🙌✈️

I love many of the defining traits of NYC – the birthplace of Hip-Hop, Wall Street, Broadway, and world class multiculturalism (just like Toronto!)

I remember visiting Time Square back in the day (photo) and having a 🎤rapper pitch me their mixtape 😂, getting in a yellow taxi and the driver aggressively honking to get to my destination, then finally hopping out to see the beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil Museum of Modern Art. The energy and diversity of experiences in one hour, wild right? 😊

So how long will I be gone…?

❤️ I love Toronto and spent my entire life here. Toronto is my birthplace, home, and source of friends, family, and community. I figure I’ll be down for at least a couple years 🕒 but when it comes time to settle down, I’ll be back.

I wanted to thank Sarah Chan for showing me that getting a US Job was possible, because I used to think it was only for software engineers or the only method was intercompany transfer. My initial mindset was completely wrong 🙅 – firstly, when there is a will, there is a way. Secondly, the TN-1 Visa is a great option for Canadians

I will be looking to make new friends and re-unite with old ones when I move down.

👉 If you know any New Yorkers that I can treat to a coffee when I make my way down, please let me know in the comments 👇 (or DM me)

Details about the company will be in a future post.

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