IBM Summit Program Experience – 8 – Demo2Win

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Sales training? Everyone’s got a method.
Software demo training? Rarely taught, but critical for tech workers 💻!
Last week I attended Demo2Win, a two-day workshop that teaches professionals how to effectively demo software.

Learning: Imagine you are showing your manager a report, a customer your software, or even a friend a new app that you love… here’s a proven methodology you can follow:

Don’t just jump into “showing” right away! 😲

1️⃣ TELL them what you are going to show them in simple 1-2-3 steps (Or else they might get caught thinking.. ok where is this presentation going?)

2️⃣ SHOW them (Avoid saying “click this or that”. Say “If you want to…” Focus on their intention, not features.)

3️⃣ TELL them the benefit. Answer the most important question – SO WHAT?

Demos are to help people see what they can achieve, not to show how a technology works.

Thanks for the workshop & for awarding my demo with a mobile tabletop. Now I can stand while I demo like a pro 🤵

If anyone is working on a demo, feel free to reach out – happy to share more of what I learned to help you out.
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