Organized Crime in the Future will be Cybergangs

The BBC recently featured a story about a call centre that was scamming people for technical support. What I found so alarming is the level of sophistication of these cybercrime mobsters….

– VMware to remote desktop into victims computer

– Docusign to get them to sign heinous contracts

– GoToMeeting to view their screens

– RingBa to track call center agent efficiency in prospecting

– CRM to track marketing metrics on which campaigns were the most effective on victims

– The floor managers paying incentive bonuses to the best scammers

– Mobsters brainstorming on new scams “Why don’t we pretend to be amazon returns calling?”

Oh so terrible and heartbreaking to watch. Happy to hear in the end they were captured by police.

Sometimes I think we have to remind ourselves, technology can be used for both good and bad.

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