Coronavirus Stocks Are Like The New Cannabis Stocks.

Corona virus medical stocks are like the new cannabis stocks.

On January 21st the World Health Organization began to investigate if the virus was a public health emergency or not.

Since that day, certain companies have seen their stock prices skyrocket (🚀📈50% in one week) on speculation of creating a vaccination or increased sales of medical equipment (surgical masks, for example)

Example companies: $INO, $LAKE, $APT

In 2018 we saw cannabis stocks hyped up daily by the media. Some companies had fundamentals to back up their valuations, and some did not. A year later, after the speculation and media hype cleared away, some companies were left standing on their firm foundation and some dissolved like sandcastles in the rain. E.g. TLRY & CTST down -95%

The effect that world news can have on the valuation of companies is very intriguing.

Cause & effect is a beautiful thing.

This is not investment advice, but if you’re a risk-seeking speculator feel free to ping me.

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