IBM Summit Program Experience – 4 – First GSS Sales Call

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IBM Global Sales School: Trip 2. “Dad had taught me that a good businessman has to be an actor.” – Thomas Watson Jr.

A few months ago we had our very first ‘Mock Sales Calls’, where we have former IBM sales executives roleplay as customers.

These ‘Sales Advisors’ act as VPs of various companies and we apply everything we learn in the classroom to simulate a live business meeting. The focus is on gaining a deep understanding of the client’s business problems and discovering ways to solve it.

Accelerated learning requires a very fast feedback loop – people fixing your mistakes immediately after they are made. That’s why after each presentation we stop as a group and ask “What did they do well? – What could they do better?”. We then rotate presenters, and do it again. And do it again. And again. And eventually you forget you are even acting, because leading a professional engagement becomes natural!

Great training and great fun 😊

Top photo: David Glenn (Wins an unofficial Oscar for best actor) Kailyn S. Max W. Eric M.

Bottom photo: David Simms (provided an extra fun challenge, by roleplaying an angry customer with me)

Right photo: Isabella Sanchez with Eric Billups – great listening skills right from the first call!


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