Door To Door – Day 0 “Opportunity is Knocking At The Door”

Capture2Over the past two months I’ve vigorously been searching for an internship in tech sales. Coffees, informational interviews, office tours, cold emails on LinkedIn, networking nights, touring other universities.. You name it!

Last week there was a recruiter from a smart home technology company tabling in TRSM. I gave him a strong handshake and told him my story. Within 36 hours I was interviewed and heard the magic words “Welcome to the team.” Continue reading “Door To Door – Day 0 “Opportunity is Knocking At The Door””


Last night I was browsing LinkedIn going through profiles of co-op students at Waterloo and Laurier and my jaw dropped in jealously. It’s not uncommon to see kids landing internships at the Google, Facebook, and Amazons of the tech world, or top tier consulting firms such as Mckinsey, Bain, or BCG. More than a handful have launched start ups with seed funding and are onto their Series A, with some others managing investments portfolios with flashy figures citing high returns.

Comparing myself to them, I emerged with a sense of diminished self-worth.

“Appearances can be deceptive. Appearances may give you respect but they cannot give you contentment” – Osho

Remembering this quotation helped me realize I shouldn’t pass judgement about other people’s lives, nor be comparing myself.

Likewise, whether I land my job dream job or not, I know that an “appearance of success” may make others respect me, but it won’t necessarily give me contentment deep inside. Happiness in life is more than just building a career.

So, with this blog, I don’t want to set up an illusion of achievement and success. I’m here to share the grind I have to go through, both ups and downs. Not just a handpicked selection of my moments of glory.

I thought Osho’s book was okay, – but this quote put me back on solid ground. It made me mindful of something my friend Ali once told me: “Never let titles determine your self-worth.”


What is my writing style?

My posts generally have the following format:

  • Concise. Posts you can read within 5 minutes.
  • Usually contain a photo.
  • Fall into the following categories: Career updates, TIL (Today I learned), famous quotations, book summaries, life a business student.

I make an effort to write things people would want to read. I.e. I don’t give mundane life updates about what I ate today.

If I have an opinion on something, I usually like to take a strong one. Strong opinions are almost always more interesting than neutral ones.

What is this blog about?

I started this blog for a few reasons:

  • To share my career journey to other business students out there. I want to help others find their career passions and contributions in life.
  • To keep my social circles updated on what I”m doing. A lot of people have helped me to get where I am, and I want to show them that their support is fruitful.
  • To show my work. Derek Sivers is quoted as saying “If your work isn’t online, it basically doesn’t exist. Become a documentarian of your own life.”

Stay focused.


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