Door To Door – Day 0 “Opportunity is Knocking At The Door”

Capture2Over the past two months I’ve vigorously been searching for an internship in tech sales. Coffees, informational interviews, office tours, cold emails on LinkedIn, networking nights, touring other universities.. You name it!

Last week there was a recruiter from a smart home technology company tabling in TRSM. I gave him a strong handshake and told him my story. Within 36 hours I was interviewed and heard the magic words “Welcome to the team.” Continue reading “Door To Door – Day 0 “Opportunity is Knocking At The Door””

Featured on Manulife’s News

A few months after leaving Manulife, I had a colleague contact me to tell me that I was featured on the front news page.

I suppose I was a model citizen (or at least a photogenic one).

I’m happy to have left my mark after spending 8 whole months working there.

12742291_10153409713722965_7408891249975506341_n Continue reading “Featured on Manulife’s News”