The Differences Between B2C Sales and B2B Sales

In this post I will help educate you on differences between B2C (Business To Consumer) Sales and B2B (Business to Business) Sales.

It’s the difference between working as a Real Estate Agent selling homes to families, and working in Commercial Real Estate for CBRE selling offices and buildings to businesses.

It’s the difference between working as a Teller in a bank (Retail Banking) vs working as Equity Research Analyst on the Sell Side (Investment Banking).

Selling cellphones at Best Buy is completely different from selling business software at a B2B Technology company.

Different Types of Sales

B2C SalesB2B SalesEnterprise Sales
Problem solving/ProductsSimple problemHelping businesses Save time/moneySolving complex business problems
“Consultative sales”
StyleEmotionalLogicalEmotional + Logical + Business Case
Sales Cycle (length of deal)Hours, within a dayWeeksMonths
“Triple decker”
TrainingOn-the-jobWeek-longSix-month longs
Pay100% commissionBase + commission40k + 20k typical for new gradsBase + commission
50-60k base + 15-20 typical for new grads
CultureOften students or non-university graduatesSexy startup, cool perksNot as cool, but generally cushy
Cold calling?100% prospecting80% prospecting20% inbound/account management20% prospecting80% inbound / account management
ClientsAny joe blowBusiness ownersF500, large businesses

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