Ryan Ing – Professional Speaker Moderator

If you are reading this page, you are likely an Event Organizer hosting a Speaker Panel event and are curious – how can I make my event be amazing for the attendees?

How can I make the presentation engaging enough so that attendees don’t lose interest after 15 minutes?

How can I create an event that people will speak highly about to their friends, and want to attend again in the future?

Average ModeratorRyan – The “Talk show Host Experience”
Allows the panelists to self-introduce themselvesHosts a pre-interview with the panelists prior to the event to get to know them, then gives a highly compelling introduction at the event
Asks the same question to each moderatorAsks different, tailored questions, to each panelist
Sticks to “safe” topicsAsks “controversial” questions in a graceful way, revealing the intimate facts that the audience really wants to hear
Allows panelists to finish their answers, even if they know its boring for the audienceI will cut off a panelist from speaking in the most polite way possible, if I feel they are talking for too long
Sticks to asking open-ended questions e.g. “What is the biggest lesson in your career?”Uses both open-ended and close-ended questions.

As an example, look at reporter Steve Paikin, one of Canada’s best journalist and interviewer. He always asks the most DIFFICULT questions

My Process

– I talk with you (the organizer) to understand

– I book a 1:1 with each of the panelists to get to know their story.

How You Benefit

– You

Why should I choose Ryan as opposed to someone else?

– I have spoken on 12 panels and attended over 24.

The cost

– Nothing! I do this for free.

Well let’s first break down the pieces of a Speaker Panel Event.

You have four people with competing interests.



Panelists – Want to make themselves good without bragging. Want to

Audience – Want to be entertained, educated, inspired, and want to network with everyone above.

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