Real Talks with Ryan Ing: A Business Talk Show – Ep.1 New Grads in Tech Sales

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In January 2021 I became inspired to host my own speaker panel because I realized how critical having a good Speaker Moderator is, in creating a great audience experience. They can basically make or break the show. So I set out to create a speaker panel event unlike any other!

I really gave it full effort by:

– hosting a pre-interview with all 3 panelists for 45 minute to create a great question/answer list with added visuals

– creating a marketing campaign of images/videos themed after Jimmy Fallon

– DJ’ing music at the event live for the introduction!

The Pitch

Welcome to the Ryan Ing Talk Show, where the guests are business professionals but the questions I ask are the utmost personal. Controversial questions? I will ask them. Personal questions? I will ask them. Memes? You better be prepared.

Besides the highly entertaining flair, I’ll make sure to get the facts you really want to know, from each of the speakers. What are the pros AND cons of working at your company? What’s the real secret behind their hiring process? Is your corporate culture really a cult? 😂

This episode we are featuring three new grads who did the undoable – landing multiple offers at top tier tech firms during the pandemic: Shopify, DocuSign, and Amazon Web Services.

🎵 *Cue the hip hop music* 🎵

See you there!

P.S. One last bonus: Three lucky audience members will be selected to win a coffee chat with the speakers, live during the event!

The Event Recap

The first episode of the Talk Show was a success 🤗! We sold 104 tickets and had 75 attendees live! We went through personal stories, life lessons, insights from the interview process, and engaged the audience live through polls and Q&A! #RealTalksWithRyan

From the success of this event I’m happy to share that Tech Pod has brought me on to host 4 of their upcoming speaker panel events across the US (Atlanta, Texas, California, Chicago)

👉 My goal for 2021 is to host 8 events. If you are putting together a virtual speaker panel and want a host that will work with your planning team to put together a great show, please DM me!

Until then I will keep channeling my Jimmy Fallon, Joe Rogan, and Steve Paikin (TV reporter) energy in preparation for EPISODE TWO 2️⃣!

Thank you Simrah Ali Mae Coulson Rotimi Ojo and Ryerson Sales Initiative for bringing this event to life!

Above is a montage image capturing all the best elements!

The idea of the workshop was to be themed after Jimmy Fallon show!

Here was the eventbrite:

Here’s what an attendee, Ahmedullah Shah had to say:

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