How to Cold Email / Run A Coffee Chat Workshop (Nov 2019)

Last Winter I hosted a workshop for first-year business students at Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University on how to cold email and how to run a coffee chat. Here were the results:

(A majority of the 50+ students sent out emails, more than half received replies, and a handful forwarded the results back to me)

To gain the confidence to introduce yourself to someone new takes time. To find the right mentors to support you takes time as well. Together, both are fundamental soft skills that give an aspiring businessperson the tools for success.

Thank you to the 40+ contacts who volunteered to offer advice to students 👏

👉 Thursday I’m hosting another workshop where I’m giving a few students LinkedIn Profile Makeovers, haha. Along with some tips on writing bios/headlines/networking with others. Ping me if you want any more details or help.

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