Door To Door – Day 52: Today I Was My Team’s Top Performer


Returning home from work, my team members paraded me with high-fives, cheering:

“Ryan, congrats on dropping a two-bomb!!”

‘Two-bomb’ is slang for landing two sales in a single day.

In that one day, I sold more accounts than my entire my first month! Ridiculous huh?

It’s a crazy feeling to have outperformed your own manager (for once!!!)

With two guys being fired last week (they had 0 sales even after two months), our team is down to 14 members. So I’m very grateful to still be here, and to finally get a hold of things.

Work becomes much more enjoyable once you’re good at it.

From a monthly perspective, I’m still in a relatively low position on my team’s scoreboard, but if I can keep up this pace, I’ll quickly start gaining position.

Three-bombs here I come!

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