Real Talks with Ryan Ing: A Business Talk Show – Ep.1 New Grads in Tech Sales

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In January 2021 I became inspired to host my own speaker panel because I realized how critical having a good Speaker Moderator is, in creating a great audience experience. They can basically make or break the show. So I set out to create a speaker panel event unlike any other!

I really gave it full effort by:

– hosting a pre-interview with all 3 panelists for 45 minute to create a great question/answer list with added visuals

– creating a marketing campaign of images/videos themed after Jimmy Fallon

– DJ’ing music at the event live for the introduction!

The Pitch

Welcome to the Ryan Ing Talk Show, where the guests are business professionals but the questions I ask are the utmost personal. Controversial questions? I will ask them. Personal questions? I will ask them. Memes? You better be prepared.

Besides the highly entertaining flair, I’ll make sure to get the facts you really want to know, from each of the speakers. What are the pros AND cons of working at your company? What’s the real secret behind their hiring process? Is your corporate culture really a cult? 😂

This episode we are featuring three new grads who did the undoable – landing multiple offers at top tier tech firms during the pandemic: Shopify, DocuSign, and Amazon Web Services.

🎵 *Cue the hip hop music* 🎵

See you there!

P.S. One last bonus: Three lucky audience members will be selected to win a coffee chat with the speakers, live during the event!

The Event Recap

The first episode of the Talk Show was a success 🤗! We sold 104 tickets and had 75 attendees live! We went through personal stories, life lessons, insights from the interview process, and engaged the audience live through polls and Q&A! #RealTalksWithRyan

From the success of this event I’m happy to share that Tech Pod has brought me on to host 4 of their upcoming speaker panel events across the US (Atlanta, Texas, California, Chicago)

👉 My goal for 2021 is to host 8 events. If you are putting together a virtual speaker panel and want a host that will work with your planning team to put together a great show, please DM me!

Until then I will keep channeling my Jimmy Fallon, Joe Rogan, and Steve Paikin (TV reporter) energy in preparation for EPISODE TWO 2️⃣!

Thank you Simrah Ali Mae Coulson Rotimi Ojo and Ryerson Sales Initiative for bringing this event to life!

Above is a montage image capturing all the best elements!

The idea of the workshop was to be themed after Jimmy Fallon show!

Here was the eventbrite:

Here’s what an attendee, Ahmedullah Shah had to say:

Featured on University of Texas Austin Alpha Kappa Psi Panel by Tech Pod March 2021

I was the speaker moderator on this live event.

We had 100 atteendees.

The feedback we received:

Photos of the Google Slides we used:

Google Slides available here:

What I would improve on next time as a moderator:

> Help the audience ask better questions by giving them general topics. (Preventing the audience from asking dumb questions.. happens often)

> Help the moderators bond with each other by pointing out similarities between each other, so they can laugh and joke with each other. (Preventing the moderators from only talking when I ask them a question… can get dull)

The Industry Standard Salary for SaaS AE’s

The Industry Standard for AE’s follow this formula (according to this research report interviewing 300 SaaS companies)
The Magic Formula

Quota should be 5X OTE  
Example 1

$100K base salary

$200K OTE

$1mil ACV Quota

Example 2 – more junior person

$50k base, $100K OTE, $500K ACV Quota

So what?
– If you ask a SaaS AE what their quota is, you can likely calculate what their salary is 

If you are negotiating a salary and they give you a quota that is 10x your OTE, say no! You’re being unfairly compensated for the difficulty of the role.

The reason for this proportion is because paying you 20% of revenues leaves your company enough room to still make profit. Also, this is for net new customers, not for renewals.

I’ve talked to salespeople at Splunk, Qualtrics, other cloud companies, etc. and the salespeople there all earn an amount consistent to this formula.

To gather enough skills to become qualified to get an AE job I’d say takes 3-4 years of experience from graduation.

But once you have those skills, you can pretty much go to any SaaS company (anything on the Forbes Cloud 50 list) and get a salary package like the one above

The Coronavirus Is Helping These Two Companies While Sinking These Two Companies

Major world events have a polarizing effect on stock prices. While everyone is panicking about the coronavirus, each night I am taking a step back and looking at it from a business perspective to think about – which companies are gaining new customers from this, and which companies are losing customers from this?

My Stock Analysis…

Over the past 41 days (Jan 24 2020 – March 6 2020), the S&P decreased -9% while…

🟢 Gaining

👉 APT – this company sells surgical masks so their stock has skyrocketed 600% then settling near 206% most recently

No alt text provided for this image

👉 INO – this company is speculated to be developing a coronavirus vaccine so their stock has increased 115%

👉 $ZM (Zoom Video Communications) has gone up 70% (Counting Jan 24-March 6th movement) as people speculate they will have more customers as everyone is working from home. Make sure you are not looking up $ZOOM which is a separate company.

🔴 Losing

👉 RCL – Royal Carribean Cruiseline stock has decreased 42% anticipating a decrease in passenger sales for the next couple quarters. Similar impact on CCL (Carnival Cruiselines)

No alt text provided for this image

👉 AAL – American Airlines is down 42%, anticipating a decrease in ticket sales because people don’t want to fly

I believe there is a cause-and-effect relationship here.

So Are Market Speculators Using This Information To Make profits?

Yes! In a very outrageous example, here’s a guy who purchased $700,000 worth of options and has an unrealized profit of $900,000 within a week 😲

No alt text provided for this image

Original post viewable on /r/WSB while profit calculation here: /r/WSB/post

Yeah, that subreddit doesn’t call themselves “Wall Street Bets” for no reason.

Did I bet on this information? Well, I put $100 into one of the above a week ago and made $50 then got out. There’s a saying I like to follow “Keep your learnings before your earnings”, so it’s good to practice with small positions before taking on real risks.

I hope that you learned something too 🙂

For my previous post on Coronavirus stocks: URL

My Request

👉 If anyone reading this has traded options before or enjoys speculating based on market psychology, please message me! I’d love to chat and see what we can learn from each other 😊

👉 Know someone who can relate? Feel free to tag or comment below.

Coronavirus Stocks Are Like The New Cannabis Stocks.

Corona virus medical stocks are like the new cannabis stocks.

On January 21st the World Health Organization began to investigate if the virus was a public health emergency or not.

Since that day, certain companies have seen their stock prices skyrocket (🚀📈50% in one week) on speculation of creating a vaccination or increased sales of medical equipment (surgical masks, for example)

Example companies: $INO, $LAKE, $APT

In 2018 we saw cannabis stocks hyped up daily by the media. Some companies had fundamentals to back up their valuations, and some did not. A year later, after the speculation and media hype cleared away, some companies were left standing on their firm foundation and some dissolved like sandcastles in the rain. E.g. TLRY & CTST down -95%

The effect that world news can have on the valuation of companies is very intriguing.

Cause & effect is a beautiful thing.

This is not investment advice, but if you’re a risk-seeking speculator feel free to ping me.

Img credits:

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B2B Tech Sales Landscape

Do you want to work in tech sales but are not sure which company you want to work for? Here’s how we can categorize tech companies into 4 quadrants.

Media Darlings

  • They are called darlings because everyone LOVES the brand and wants to work there. These companies make most of their money from selling advertising (E.g. Google makes 80% of its revenue from Google Ads), hence “media”.
  • Pros: Best brand name, your employability skyrockets. Generally cool products
  • Cons: These companies do not typically have established new grad programs, they usually poach experienced hires from other companies.

Old Guards

  • These companies have proven themselves, have 50+ years history, and household names. They are generally market leaders in the product areas.
  • Pros: High pay, long training program (6 months), brand recognition
  • Cons: Culture can be lacking. A lot of company processes and bureaucracy


  • These companies have a market capitalization of $100mil-$5bil. So they are not startups but they are more established.
  • Pros: Often have really cool culture. Shopify/Salesforce consistently win top employer awards in Canada
  • Cons: Usually restricted to Inside Sales roles. Because the company is still scaling, mostly 100% outbound cold calling for entry-level.

Work Horses

  • These are companies that are solid employers (often on Best Employers List), however are often resellers of other companies products / companies that are not perceived to be market leaders, so do not benefit from the same powerful brand image that other companies have.
  • Pros: Great training
  • Cons: A lot of outbound cold calling due to poor brand recognition


  • These companies are in the technology space but work on slightly different business models. Teksystems is really in the staffing business but places for technology roles. Also good choices, but I don’t have much information available.

Movement Between the Quadrants – Here’s the magic!

  • It is easier to make a horizontal move than vertical one. Generally speaking if you get a job at Google, it’s easy to land an interview at IBM or Shopify. But if you get a job at Xerox, it will require some work to land yourself an interview elsewhere.

This was originally taught to me from Asad Zaman, from Sales Talent Agency. Credits to him.

The Differences Between B2C Sales and B2B Sales

In this post I will help educate you on differences between B2C (Business To Consumer) Sales and B2B (Business to Business) Sales.

It’s the difference between working as a Real Estate Agent selling homes to families, and working in Commercial Real Estate for CBRE selling offices and buildings to businesses.

It’s the difference between working as a Teller in a bank (Retail Banking) vs working as Equity Research Analyst on the Sell Side (Investment Banking).

Selling cellphones at Best Buy is completely different from selling business software at a B2B Technology company.

Different Types of Sales

B2C SalesB2B SalesEnterprise Sales
Problem solving/ProductsSimple problemHelping businesses Save time/moneySolving complex business problems
“Consultative sales”
StyleEmotionalLogicalEmotional + Logical + Business Case
Sales Cycle (length of deal)Hours, within a dayWeeksMonths
“Triple decker”
TrainingOn-the-jobWeek-longSix-month longs
Pay100% commissionBase + commission40k + 20k typical for new gradsBase + commission
50-60k base + 15-20 typical for new grads
CultureOften students or non-university graduatesSexy startup, cool perksNot as cool, but generally cushy
Cold calling?100% prospecting80% prospecting20% inbound/account management20% prospecting80% inbound / account management
ClientsAny joe blowBusiness ownersF500, large businesses

Legal Training For Door-To-Door Salespeople

As part of our training I’m learning some of the laws around working with door-to-door salespeople.

  • If you knock on a door that has a no-solicitation sign, that is considering trespassing.


  • Door-to-door salespeople have to be licensed by the province. They must show their license upon request. Usually they are wearing an ID card around their neck.
  • If you tell a salesperson to leave – they must leave your property immediately.
  • All contracts have a 10 day full-refund policy by law. Therefore, no one is really obliged to ‘make a decision on the spot’.
  • We are not allowed to use the term “free”

Fine Structure of other stuff we are not allowed to do.