IBM Summit Program Experience – 12 – Farewell IBM!

Link to video:

Today marks my last week at IBM.
It has been an incredible journey over the last 3 years.
This video captures some of the highlights! Have a listen!

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work for such a great organization and to be surrounded by amazing people 😊

My heart is filled with such great memories, from how I felt when I first received my dream internship, to graduating from Global Sales School, to being in charge of a full sales territory, and to all of the awesome people I have been able to work with 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

I also hold dear in my heart all of the opportunities provided for me to make an impact on people, including the Summit Program, Employee’s Charitable Fund, EANG, and Blue Core Coaching 🙏

Sharing my story and empowering others around me, are two personal values that I discovered and let flourish during my time at IBM. These are two things I will continue doing for the rest of my career 👏

I’m taking a couple weeks off before starting the next journey, stay tuned 👋!


Hosting the IBM Canada Lunar New Year Celebration Feb 2021

Last Friday my team hosted the IBM Canada Lunar New Year Celebration and I was selected to host the show 🎤! With our team effort we brought out 100 attendees from all across North and South America for an hour long show of fun and education!

Whenever I’m on brought on as an organizer, I always try innovate, by giving the audience something completely new. So we decided on hiring a virtual comedian 💡! DK Phan recounted stories of cultural mishaps, asian parents with high academic expectations, and life as a former kung-fu instructor😂! We had the audience laughing out of their seats and yes – we triple checked to ensure this all fit within our diversity guidelines.

One thing that I was surprised with was the amount of IBMers of non-asian backgrounds who attended but who were eager to learn and relate to the festivities. One attendee pointed out that during Diwali, they have the same tradition of “cleaning out the house” for the New Year.

Lisa Marie Chen helped the audience to find their Chinese Zodiac!

👉 Any IBMers interested in attending future events or volunteering with EANG, please message Caroline Yang, CHRL, CCP!

👉 DK Phan is also open to future comedy gigs! DM me or him for info!

Quote from DK Phan

“Ryan Ing is incredibly organized and ran a terrific show for the IBM Lunar New Year show.  He was an amazing host and facilitator, setting me up for success by priming the crowd for a comedy show and bringing me up just as if he were a professional comedy club MC himself.  He was also very thorough leading up to the event in terms of making sure that everything would work from a technical standpoint and providing me with all of the tools necessary to put on a great show.”

Samvit Roy asking Jim Whitehurst about IBM Culture During Slack AMA

Congrats to my colleague Samvit (Sam) Roy, MBA, CSPO, BE for being first to ask our new President a question during his Slack AMA session!!

Jim answered honestly and transparently. Great content. He also used some humor to lighten the mood, a much-needed pause from the pandemic.

Here were my favorite jokes:

“If you put a Red Hat together with big blue, you get a purple shirt which I would have wore… but I didn’t do my laundry yesterday” 😂

“I have a lot of experience but I’m also new to IBM. At the office I would still be trying to find the bathroom… but luckily I’m working from home so I know where it is” 😂😂

“No I’m probably not gonna write a new book, but maybe when I retire I can write a new one describing how IBM became the defining technology company of the 21st century just as it was in the 20th century” 🙏🙏🙏

#bars #IBM #Red Hat

Arvind Krishna’s first day as IBM CEO, on Slack

Us IBMers are HYPED to see our new CEO hopping on Slack on his first day on the job to open the bridge to communications. “CEO Office Hours”? – first time I’ve heard that before.

Let alone probably the first time I’ve ever seen a slack post with 1000 likes 🏆

First impressions matter!


(Sometimes these posts go viral)

IBM Summit Program Experience – 11 – IBM ECF Video 2019

View Video Here

Giving back to your community is a great feeling with many aspects to feel proud about 🤗
👉 Everyone has their own favorite part — what’s yours?

🎬Amazing to have a production team to help out on this project, as most of my previous have been solo acts.
👏Thank you to all the volunteers, coordinators, and all those involved in the IBM Community:
Carolyn MurphyAnna DreyzinBridget King, CHRPKrista ShibataRalph ChapmanEllen KoutsikosKarel VredenburgShalise Goffe, CPDSShola AgoroFarza (Farzaneh) GhodsTanya Liblik, CHRL, PMP, CIDDVira Badiani, BSc, GCIB, MSc, CPDSDave Robitaille, Erica Carnovale, Caroline FinlayAndrew SafrankoHelen MitresBirgit Siegel AllisonCamille Chandra
👨🎥: David Lindermere

Feel free to click “share” if it gave you a laugh and some positive vibes 😊.

As we move into the Holiday season, keep up that charitable spirit! 🎁


IBM Summit Program Experience – 10 – Snack Video

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Friends, what impact do you think free snacks have on employee engagement? 🤔
IBMers, how do you feel about the free snacks?
#Comedy#News#Puns#EmployeeEngagement IBM

To me, small perks like these make a difference! And to see one of the largest technology companies in the world offer a perk that is most often found at the smallest technology companies in the world… to me that represents a shift in culture.

If this gave you a chuckle, give it a like. I may make more videos about every day business life in the future. 😊

IBM Summit Program Experience – 9 – Landing On A Team

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I have officially ‘landed’ on IBM‘s Data Science team.
Here’s a picture expressing the way I feel about it: 🚀🌕
Data Science isn’t rocket science – in simple terms its helping clients discover insights from their data to improve business decision-making.

Lead by experts Lee Cratchley and Robb Corrigan … it’s gonna be a great year of tremendous learning and exploring new heights.

“I feel like a boy playing on the seashore, diverting myself now and then to picking up stones and shells whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” – Isaac Newton

If anyone in my network knows any other experts I should be learning from, feel free to tag / let me know!
#IBM #DataScience #Analytics #IBMSummitProgram

IBM Summit Program Experience – 8 – Demo2Win

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Sales training? Everyone’s got a method.
Software demo training? Rarely taught, but critical for tech workers 💻!
Last week I attended Demo2Win, a two-day workshop that teaches professionals how to effectively demo software.

Learning: Imagine you are showing your manager a report, a customer your software, or even a friend a new app that you love… here’s a proven methodology you can follow:

Don’t just jump into “showing” right away! 😲

1️⃣ TELL them what you are going to show them in simple 1-2-3 steps (Or else they might get caught thinking.. ok where is this presentation going?)

2️⃣ SHOW them (Avoid saying “click this or that”. Say “If you want to…” Focus on their intention, not features.)

3️⃣ TELL them the benefit. Answer the most important question – SO WHAT?

Demos are to help people see what they can achieve, not to show how a technology works.

Thanks for the workshop & for awarding my demo with a mobile tabletop. Now I can stand while I demo like a pro 🤵

If anyone is working on a demo, feel free to reach out – happy to share more of what I learned to help you out.
2Win! #IBM#IBMSummitProgram#GlobalSalesSchool

IBM Summit Program Experience – 6 – Final Presentations (Video) + Graduation

View Video Here

Our final project for IBM Global Sales School was a written proposal + 30 minute presentation to a panel of judges roleplaying a client. Applying our learnings from the previous six months, and working together in a hotel room til midnight for two nights, Team Red was able to deliver and score 1️⃣ First Place in our class

Here’s a 3 minute cut-down version of our 30 minute presentation. I’d love to show more but we can’t give away too much to future students of the program =)

When I was graduating I selected IBM over various options because I believed it to provide one of the best corporate sales training programs in the world. I can now affirm it to be true. ✅✅ The past six months of training have been so valuable and jam-packed with unique offerings delivered from the best, all across the USA ✈️. I felt the need to capture a piece of it in video form before it was all over.

I’d like to thank Team Red for a memorable finish and the Summit Program Management for providing what I wanted and more out of a New Graduate Program 🙏. I look forward to bringing this solid foundation to our clients as I transition to the field over the next 6 months.

After 6 whole months of training, we graduated!! (Photo of my team below)

IBM Summit Program Experience – 5 – Top Gun Systems & Platform Example Speaker

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For the past few months IBM I have been trying to figure out what IBM is doing in the Blockchain space – today we got to speak to originator himself

Jerry Cuomo, VP Blockchain Technologies at IBM, shared the story about the pioneering of the Hyperledger project and the business value the FoodTrust project and TradeLens project are providing today.

At the most primordial level, all blockchains require a consensus method, immutability, and some type of incentive for participants to join the network. Whether the blockchain is then public or permissioned, it depends on the use case desired.

Along his 30+ years at IBM he has published many patents, help found WebSphere software, and has testified in front of the US Government advising on the impact of digital currencies.

If you want to know something you have to find the original source of truth. Safe to say, I had all my questions answered clearly!