An Inspirational Video to Wrap Up The Journey

Over the past 6 months I taught myself how to use Adobe Premiere to create the video below. I couldn’t think of a better way to express the journey from Summer 2016 until now.


People don’t believe me when I tell them it took 50 hours of editing. It really did. Every subtitle, is handmade, every photo resized, every effect, manually added in. Though I admit most of the time spent was learning how to use the software, and experimenting with concepts.

The many, many drafts involved in the process.

I reverse-engineered how to make a viral video from online tutorials and put many elements of that into the piece below. I sent it out to three people for feedback prior to release (thank you very much to Roxine Kee who reviewed both the first and second drafts) and took their feedback to improve the piece.

The result?

10,000 views within 24 hours. 

And to date: 23,000 views, 674 likes, and 132 shares.

The video was leaked to my workplace and received comment from the President of IBM Canada. The Dean of TRSM also left comment.

What I’m really proud about is all the shares. To create content that people feel like is worth talking about is a sure hallmark of success.

But anyway, the video speaks for itself. I am glad to capture this point of my life in a 4 minute video. You never know when it will come up in the future,

Door To Door – Day 97: I Completed The Program! A Summary.

I can’t believe I worked for 4 months in door-to-door sales!

I did it! I completed the program. I did not quit. And in the end, I succeeded.

As my coworker Victor drove me home, I stuck my head out the window and screamed ‘I CAN SELL!’. Adrenaline and excitement coursed through my veins.

Here is a summary of my entire Summer on one excel sheet:


Each row represents one work day. There were 97 work days.

Each colour column represents a habit.

Colour Description Beginning of Summer End of Summer
Blue Did I wake up at 8am? Slept in Consistent sleep schedule
Purple Was I happy? I hated myself and my job I learned to be happy regardless of results
Orange Did I talk to at least 20 people? I couldn’t talk to at least 20 before giving up on myself I talked to less than 20 because I would be too busy with appointments
Light Blue Did I work my absolute hardest and push myself to do more when I feel like giving up? I gave up on a regular basis I enjoyed work enough that ‘working hard’ just felt like talking to people
Green Did I make a sale? Average: 3 sales/month Average: 3 sales/week

It is beautiful to see that not only did the sales improve, also the daily habits and attitudes towards the work.

What I am most proud about is this here:


Over the four months I:

  • Knocked on 1817 doors.
  • Talked to 1201 people at their doorsteps.
  • Delivered 112 presentations sitting inside someone’s home
  • Made 25 sales (9 of those made as a team effort)

This is my greatest career achievement.

I look at these numbers and am proud of myself for what I have done. I do not regret this experience one bit.

I was willing to do what others were not willing to do, in order to gain skills that others do not have.

It was hard as heck but I have something I can look back on every single day and tell myself ‘I’m proud I did that’.

  • I found my ‘why’.
  • I learned valuable skills that will help me in the rest of my career.
  • I have a moment to look back at in my life to always feel proud about.

Thank you for joining me on my long journey. I hope that you were able to live through my experiences by reading my posts. This is one chapter completed, until I’m onto my next grind!


Door To Door – Day 96: Building A Team and Passing The Torch.

When we graduate high school, our social circles disperse as everyone travels their own path in pursuit of finding their calling.

From time to time we cross paths with old classmates, but the conversations usually don’t last longer than a quick ‘hi’.

Last month I was struggling – and had two old classmates reach out to offer advice as they were both working in the same field. We rekindled high school memories, exchanged crazy customer stories, compared products, and finally compared commission pay rates.

Fast forward to last week. I get these guys flown out to BC. I give them the best two day training I can, and cook them fried bananas for breakfast. The result?

Chris closes a deal his first day working solo. Drops a 3-bomb in his second week.

Markus drops a 2-bomb in his first week and reaches 6 deals by 2 weeks.

Super proud to watch these guys tackle a new career opportunity and even surpass my abilities.

As I leave this job and return to school, the ‘Toronto underdog’ torch must be passed on – and I couldn’t be happier to pass it on to a couple of old classmates… that I never thought I’d be reunited with.

Door To Door – Day 86: Bouncing Back Up As A Team

PhotoGrid_1471449870911Photo: Customer named Natalie we helped out. She said the security and fire protection would give her peace of mind for when she travels, and the doorbell camera would help her screen the front door for strangers.

Before you even touch a door in BC, you have to get fingerprinted. They have pretty strict licensing out here. Without a license, I couldn’t work the first week. So I was paired up to work with my buddy Nova Mehta, the top rookie in Canada last season.

A Harold and Kumar working together, we had customers laughing out of their pants. Jokes like:

– “I’m here to set you up with a smart home, the asian guy is here to do your dishes”
– “Honestly tell me, which looks cooler, the white hat or the black hat?”
– “When you call for customer service, you get my direct line… you’re not talking to a call centre in India with one of this guy’s cousins”

Best part is, we closed a total of 8 deals in 8 days. There’s amazing consistency when you put great minds together.

Nova’s name made a reappearance, as Top #11 in all of Canada that week.


Now that the week is over and my license is in,  I’m off to work solo for the 11 days I have left here.

Door To Door – Day 62: Resiliency

In the last 10 days I haven’t closed a single deal. I must’ve talked to at least 150 people and had at least 12 in-home presentations.

Statistically speaking I don’t even know how this is possible. Usually at least 1/100 in prospects are a super easy ‘yes I was already looking for this’ type of interaction.

It could just be bad luck – or it could be a sign that I’ve let something in my process slip.

I take this sales slump as a hard lesson about keeping a cool head even when things get tough.

We have a common saying in our company that goes:

“Don’t ride the highs too high, don’t ride the lows to low.”

Never get too excited or get too down on yourself. Long-term sustainable success comes from consistent action each day.

All I need to do is stay focused and I’ll get back on track.

Funny door of the day: I’ve never seen a sticker like this on someone’s door, lol.

What do you think I did? What do you think happened? Take a guess!

… I knocked. He came out. I braced myself to get screamed at. Didn’t happen. I made some joke. We laughed together. Nice guy.

Door To Door – Day 19: To Quit or To Stay


Our team began with 19 sales reps and now we’re down to 14. Among those original members, 2 quit, 2 had to leave due to family issues, and 1 got fired.

Today’s daily training video featured the CEO telling us ‘You can quit whenever you want, but once a quitter, always a quitter. Don’t give up on yourself or you’ll make a habit of it in the future.‘ I don’t really believe in that. People quit for different reasons. I’m sure he did some research and found that around Day 19 is when most new reps feel like quitting so they placed the video on this day.

Almost every three days I’ve contemplated leaving. It’s just so emotionally demanding. It breaks you down.

Today I sat on a curb feeling defeated once again. I pulled out my iPad, hopped on Evernote, and drew out two columns. On the left, I wrote out an exhaustive list of all my fears and all the reasons I don’t think this job is a good fit for me. On the right, what I could do to solve it.

Here’s what it looked like:


By writing down my fears, I was able to better understand their nature and show myself that I was in control and that I was mentally blowing my fears out of proportion.

The last point at the bottom carried a lot of weight for me. My mind strongly relies on facts and numbers to prove things to myself.. so seeing that these 4 months were less than 0.1% of the time I have to spend in my life.. made this whole thing seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

Everyone goes through hardship in their life, but it is in these darkest moments of our lives where we learn the deepest lessons.

It’s kind of like venturing super deep into a dark cave and finding a treasure chest of wisdom at the bottom.
I affirm to not quit no matter what.

Door To Door – Day 6: Today I Found My First Customer

Day 06: Today I slowly crept up to a medium sized house on the corner of the street. There was only one car in driveway, which is usually an indication that only one of the home owners are present (and consequently only half of the decision makers.. which are not good prospects) Nonetheless, I decided to go with it any way.

A friendly man opened the door, and even took a step forward onto his doorstep; a sign of interest and willingness to listen. As soon as I showed him the doorbell camera, he was immediately interested. He loved the idea of being able to check his smartphone to see when his kids come home from school, and being able to remotely unlock the doors for them in case they forget their keys. With just a few questions here and there, he was happy to sign up.

I talked to him about his work in water sanitation. He explained how some people in the rural areas of Halifax use water well systems so his work with Halifax Water ensures people have clean drinking water.

PhotoGrid_1463186113938 editedTop left: Mr. T happily standing with his wife in front of his newly installed system. Bottom left: A pack of Dad’s Oatmeal Cookies and a cup of freshly brewed green tea that they kindly offered me, as we patiently watched the technicians get their drills and wires ready for the installation. Right photo: Screenshot of the company scoreboard showing my new high score of “1”.

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Door To Door – Day 5: Rebuilding Myself with Small Wins and Zorro Circles.

My first day of work was tough. Real tough.

The downside to such a demoralizing day of work is that it deals a sharp blow to your self-esteem, and makes you question your capabilities. You feel like you want to quit and go home.

The upside is that it forces you to re-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. In today’s training, my manager told us quite frankly:

“This job shows you if you are weak or strong. You will know very quickly.”

I’d certainly say he’s right. Within two hours of working the job, I did feel weak. But, we know that necessity is the best motivator. I must necessarily get better at what I do if I want to stop having negative experiences with customers.

So I’ve created a system for myself to help track my progress:

I record the results of every door I knock on.


If you’re curious, “NI” means not interested. “NQ” means not qualified.

Here’s how it turned out:

Day 2: Knocked on 20 doors.

Day 3: Knocked on 40 doors. Landed 2 in-home presentations.

Day 4: Knocked on 50 doors.

Day 5: Knocked on 15 doors. Landed 4 in-home presentations. My personal record!

Sure, I haven’t landed a single sale yet. But I have numbers to prove to myself that I’m getting better at what I do. This is what keeps me going and keeps me from going insane.

A coworker explained the concept of Zorro Circles to help me with this. The following story is from the movie The Mask of Zorro:

When Zorro first started out he had no focus and no control. He wanted to do too much, too quickly. His training began with the drawing of a single circle in the sand. Don Diego told Zorro that his entire world now existed within this circle, and he had to master what was inside of it before he could move on to the next circle. Through time and dedication, Zorro mastered circle by circle. As he learned how to command his emotions and began to understand and utilise his skills, he eventually had the ability to accomplish his goal. (His goal in this case being to take on the army. No big deal.)

Source: Geckoboard

So for the meantime –  I’ll be like Zorro. Just focused on the small circles around me that I can control and master.

Door To Door – Day 1: The Most Emotionally Demoralizing Day of Work Ever

Have you ever worked a job where you felt so emotionally bombed that you were afraid of showing up at work the next day?

Have you ever had a rejection so visceral that you sat on the curb for 90 minutes demoralized, contemplating your life? You ask yourself “why am I doing this job?”. A voice of self-doubt whispers “maybe this job is not for me. I just wasn’t made for this. I don’t think I can go on any further.”

That was my first day of work.

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Legal Training For Door-To-Door Salespeople

As part of our training I’m learning some of the laws around working with door-to-door salespeople.

  • If you knock on a door that has a no-solicitation sign, that is considering trespassing.


  • Door-to-door salespeople have to be licensed by the province. They must show their license upon request. Usually they are wearing an ID card around their neck.
  • If you tell a salesperson to leave – they must leave your property immediately.
  • All contracts have a 10 day full-refund policy by law. Therefore, no one is really obliged to ‘make a decision on the spot’.
  • We are not allowed to use the term “free”

Fine Structure of other stuff we are not allowed to do.