B2B Tech Sales Landscape

Do you want to work in tech sales but are not sure which company you want to work for? Here’s how we can categorize tech companies into 4 quadrants.

Media Darlings

  • They are called darlings because everyone LOVES the brand and wants to work there. These companies make most of their money from selling advertising (E.g. Google makes 80% of its revenue from Google Ads), hence “media”.
  • Pros: Best brand name, your employability skyrockets. Generally cool products
  • Cons: These companies do not typically have established new grad programs, they usually poach experienced hires from other companies.

Old Guards

  • These companies have proven themselves, have 50+ years history, and household names. They are generally market leaders in the product areas.
  • Pros: High pay, long training program (6 months), brand recognition
  • Cons: Culture can be lacking. A lot of company processes and bureaucracy


  • These companies have a market capitalization of $100mil-$5bil. So they are not startups but they are more established.
  • Pros: Often have really cool culture. Shopify/Salesforce consistently win top employer awards in Canada
  • Cons: Usually restricted to Inside Sales roles. Because the company is still scaling, mostly 100% outbound cold calling for entry-level.

Work Horses

  • These are companies that are solid employers (often on Best Employers List), however are often resellers of other companies products / companies that are not perceived to be market leaders, so do not benefit from the same powerful brand image that other companies have.
  • Pros: Great training
  • Cons: A lot of outbound cold calling due to poor brand recognition


  • These companies are in the technology space but work on slightly different business models. Teksystems is really in the staffing business but places for technology roles. Also good choices, but I don’t have much information available.

Movement Between the Quadrants – Here’s the magic!

  • It is easier to make a horizontal move than vertical one. Generally speaking if you get a job at Google, it’s easy to land an interview at IBM or Shopify. But if you get a job at Xerox, it will require some work to land yourself an interview elsewhere.

This was originally taught to me from Asad Zaman, from Sales Talent Agency. Credits to him.

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